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Soft As It Gets What's New

What's New

ED for Windows Version 4.30 Build 0.0 has been released.

28 Feb 2007
If you use Version Control or even more importantly if you don't, you should read our new Blog post Get up and running with TortoiseSVN and Subversion in 15 minutes This guides you through installing, setting up and using TortoiseSVN and also using it with ED for Windows.

22 Feb 2007
Read our new Blog post Write Ruby code faster with ED for Windows to get a good overview of ED's core features and capabilities.

21 Feb 2007
ED V4.30, B0.0 has been released. This release adds support for Microsoft Vista, comprehensive language support for Ruby, updates to work with the TortoiseSVN SCCS client, plus various other new features and bug fixes. See the Release Notes for full details.

5 May 2006
ED V4.20, B0.0 has been released. Bracket matching has been enhanced, code templates can be much larger, new template expansion codes have been added, stray swap files are cleaned up and various problems have been resolved. See the Release Notes for full details.

22 December 2005
As another year draws to an end I would like to thank all of our long standing customers for their continued support and thank our many new customers for hoping on board. Best wishes to you all for Xmas and may the New Year bring good health, wealth and happiness. We look forward to bringing you more, interesting new ED releases, in the year ahead.

5 August 2005
ED V4.12, B0.0 has been released. New Style Sheet Setup options have been added to control automatic bracket highlighting and some issues have been addressed. See the Release Notes for full details.

21 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.11 has been released. This release offers a few enhancements and fixes some bugs. See the Release Notes for full details.

11 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.10 has been released. This is a minor update to address some issues in the last release. See the Release Notes for full details.

1 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.0 has been released. It includes some nice new features such as automatic bracket highlighting, save and restore of line based bookmarks, more items displayed in toolbar lists, enhancements to the File Open dialog and more. See the Release Notes for full details.

17 June 2005
Development of the next ED release is progressing nicely and we expect it to be available around the end of this month. More details will be available soon.

9 February 2005
Our first new version for 2005, ED V4.05, Build 0.0 has been released today. This release includes enhancements to the Find in Files and Replace in Files UI, Code Templates, Comment Alignment etc. along with a number of bug fixes. See the Release Notes for full details.

21 December 2004
We'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2005 and thank you all for your support during this past year and the many before it. 

The past few months have been quiet on the ED front while we put resources into finishing our new product Surfulater and getting the first version released. This has now happened and we are getting a very positive response. If you haven't tried Surfulater yet please do. We expect the next ED release late Jan 2005.

23 August 2004
ED V4.02, Build 2.0 has been released with much anticipated Matlab language support, including full code navigation and browsing capabilities via. ED's Source Database. ED will be more useful than ever before to the many Matlab programmer's out there, bringing them a whole new level of editing power. See the Release Notes for full details.

Other updates include PL/SQL Smart Indenting, Include file lookup enhancements, Project and Difference Analysis startup improvements, Tab order changes in Replace, Shortcut key updates in all Find dialogs, new param= options for K_InsertFilename, K_BookmarkGotoN, K_GotoLastEdit, K_BookmarkList, K_SelectWord, K_FindRange, K_WordDeleteToEnd along with various bug fixes. See the complete release notes in the new ED Customer Forums. This is another big ED release which we're sure you'll be pleased to get hold of.

19 May 2004
ED V4.03, Build 1.10 has been released. Enhancements include C/C++ Source Code Browser support for typedef's and unnamed enum's, Progress 'ON .." blocks are now ignored inside procedures and functions, Function selection for Progress now tracks the function end more accurately, code template updated to work with smart indenting, the ability to change Style Sheets dynamically, PL/SQL Error Tracking etc. plus a variety of bug fixes. You can
and read the complete release notes in the new ED Customer Forums. We've been pretty busy as you'll see. 

17 March 2004
ED V4.03, Build 1.0 has been released and includes various enhancements and bug fixes. Progress developers will welcome smart indenting and Source Browser updates. 

  • If you haven't visited here recently make sure you read this post below which explains what we have been working on these past few months.

Once you've registered on the new forums you will be able to download V4.03, B1.0 and read the complete release notes in the new ED Customer Forums.

11 March 2004
We are back hard at work on ED following the Web Server exercise and Beta release of Surfulater as outlined below and expect to have ED V4.03, B1.0 available later this month.

Free Upgrades from EDV3.80 to EDV4 March 2002 version will end shortly. We have been offering these free upgrades for almost 3 years now which we feel is more than generous.

Our New Web Server

25-26 February 2004
Things appear to have been a little quiet of late, at least as far as ED updates go, however, behind the scenes we have been as busy as ever, if not busier, apart from a short break over Christmas.

For quite some time now we have been concerned about various issues related to our Web site hosting, Email, On line ordering etc. To address these issues we decided to move to our own dedicated Web server at the end of 2003. Considerable time and resources had to be allocated and the start of the new year seemed to be a good a time as any, especially with ED humming along nicely and many of you being away on Christmas holidays.

All of the ground work is now complete and the move to the new server is about to start. As long as there are no hiccups it will be finished in the next few days.

Some of the benefits from this move include:

  • A new secure on line purchasing site with our own SSL Certificate.

  • A complete new Forum package. Our previous forums (w-agora) served us well but we have  outgrown them. After a lot of research we've settled on vBulletin V3 which is the leading commercial forum software. vBulletin is a very impressive package which will help us to deliver the best possible support to you.

  • Our new server will deliver better performance and gives us total control over areas like email spam handling. It also won't suffer from problems caused by a multitude of other Web sites being on the same server, or Web hosting companies breaking our sites.

Information on using the new and old Forums is available on the Forums page as well as details of our new Private Messaging system and Forum Features.

Over the past year we have also been quietly working in our spare time :) on a new product named Surfulater. This has been built from various reusable code components from ED along with a lot of new code. Much like ED started some 20 years ago it grew out of a need we had. See for a product preview.

The new Forums and Online Ordering have been moved from to a new site which we will now use as a central Soft As It Gets Web site.

If you experience any Web site problems try pressing the Browser Refresh button or Ctrl+Refresh to get the latest Web site pages. If the problem persists beyond 27 Feb 2004 please contact us with full details.


ED for Windows Version 4.02 Build 2.22 has been released.

11 November 2003
ED V4.02, Build 2.22 has been released and includes several enhancements and various bug fixes. You can download  it now and read the complete release notes in the Download Forum. Please see this FAQ item if you have a problem.

11 November 2003
To further try and reduce Spam we have changed our Sales email address, as well as Karen Colbert's email address. See our Contact Us page for the updated addresses, and please update your address books asap.

26 September 2003
ED V4.02, Build 2.21 addresses various issues with the new Find selection highlighting added in the last release, as well as other items outlined in the release notes in the Download Forum. If you are using V4.02, B2.20 you should install this release asap.

10 September 2003
ED V4.02, Build 2.20 has been released with enhancements to enable selected code to commented out, and uncommented for languages like Progress, the ability to see the original text selection when searching within a selection, and go to a relative line number. Various bugs have been fixed in find, replace, replace in files, macros etc. Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. It is available right now in the Download Forum.

1 September 2003
The SoBigF virus is currently creating a serious problem for us with several of our email accounts being heavily hit. Because of this we have had to change out support email account name to edsupport. The Support page has been updated accordingly. If matters don't improve we may need to move to providing support via. our Web forums only. This is a sad state of affairs we all find ourselves in.

31 July 2003
ED V4.02, Build 2.10 has been released with greatly improved performance when working with files on slow, possibly remote or foreign file systems. Plus new options to automatically toggle files from view to edit mode, and update projects when filename case changes. Along with resolution of spelling checker and other problems.
Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. It is available right now in the Download Forum.

20 June 2003
ED V4.02, Build 1.90 has been released with the ability to add complete directory trees to Projects, Source Database updates to cater for C/C++ enum attributes,  Document Tab Bar and Splitter window enhancements and more... Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. It is available right now in the Download Forum

27 May 2003
ED V4.02, Build 1.80 has been released with the new Spelling Checker, enhancements to Difference Analysis to enable merging and deletion of differences, multiple monitor support and various bug fixes. Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. You can download it now from the Download Forum

11 April 2003
ED V4.02, Build 1.7 has been released with UI enhancements like "Do not ask again" messages which make it even easier to customize ED, configurable mouse buttons, new middle button scrolling and panning, along with other enhancements and bug fixes. Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. You can download it now from the Download Forum

11 April 2003
Visit our updated Site Links page for pointers to new and interesting programming oriented Web sites.

9 April 2003
Progress developers can win a copies of ED and Proparse Light in the Prolint Anniversary Competition. Visit the Prolint web site for details.

12 February 2003
ED V4.02, Build 1.6 has been released. The Ruler has been enhanced with the ability to set multiple marks at once, hide or remove all marks, and move the ruler to the top left. Ruler settings are now retained. Clipper/xBase code can be reformatted again, Header/Source Swap has been enhanced to look for a match within projects, a lightning fast and highly efficient XML parser has been added, some problems with Find and Replace have been fixed, along with other updates.
Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. You can download it now from the Download Forum.

18 December 2002
ED V4.02, Build 1.5 has been released just in time for Christmas. New features include the ability to change the current files type between Unix and DOS formats, full language support for .BAK files, enhancements to ED's source database lookup capabilities for Progress, and various bug fixes. Full release notes are included with the download and also in the Download Forum. You can download it now from the Download Forum.

2 December 2002
If you have a Web site you can join our new Affiliate program and make money for each sale that originates from your site. It is really easy to set up and completely free, so sign up today. 

29 November 2002
We are in marketing and sales mode at present trying to spread the word about ED V4. We know you, our valued customers, know how great ED is, but far too many people don't. To help just a little we've recently added the Recommend ED to a friend link on our home page and we are hard at work on our brand new Affiliate program where you can share in ED's success and make money simply by promoting ED on your Web site. We are also gearing up for our first big email out since V4 was released and we've settled on Group Mail to manage this for us. So there is an awful lot happening here at SAIG as always. And of course we are working V4.02, Build 1.5 which will be out shortly. 

18 October 2002
ED V4.02, Build 1.4 has been released with our handy new Ruler which lets you set Markers to position vertical lines to see where text lines up. The Ruler can be locked in place or follow the text cursor as it moves. Other enhancements include double click on a Document Tab to closes its Window, plus various bug fixes as described in the release notes. Download it now from the Download Forum.

3 October 2002
ED V4.02, Build 1.3 has been released and includes Source Database code navigation for Visual Basic, enhanced Assembler code browsing, the ability to remove items from the File History, Favourites and Include File History lists, lock the current folder in File|Open, performance improvements and some bug fixes. It is available now from the Download Forum.

25 September 2002
ED V4.02, Build 1.2 has been released. V4.02 delivers a range of important new features. Our new Parameter Assistant displays a tooltip showing the parameters required for the function call you are typing, the Source Database now works with PL/SQL making it easier than ever to navigate around your PL/SQL source code, and statement matching now works with PL/SQL, so you can jump between BEGIN - END, IF - END IF etc. Statement completion has been added for Progress and PL/SQL, further enhancing ED's code completion capabilities for these languages. Difference Analysis is easier to use with the ability to specify a Folder for the second file, plus quick selection of files from the File History list. For a complete list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes please see the V4.01, B1.0, B1.1 and B1.2 Releases notes included with the ED download. V4.02, B1.2
is available now from the Download Forum.

19 July 2002
V4.01, Build 1.35 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. Replace in Files...|Do All Files has been implemented, custom date and time formats can be used in templates, the Last Change Stamp and regular expression replacement strings, and mouse scroll wheel support has been implemented for the ClassView Tree, Find in SDB Tree, and the Skeletons and Ascii Windows. Various problems have been fixed in Search|Replace|Rest of range and other problems have been addressed.
See the release notes for more information.

1 July 2002
V4.01, Build 1.34 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. This release continues our ongoing improvements to ED's User Interface with Windows XP Style Menus, new  ED Extension programs written by ED users, resolution of various problems, most notably Show in Search|Replace now works correctly again, and changes made using Search|Replace|Rest of Range are now Undone in one go.
See the release notes for more information.

6 June 2002
V4.01, Build 1.32 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. New features in this release include Function Selection which selects all of the text in the current function. This provides a quick mechanism for copying functions and also for doing a search which is constrained to the current function. Also the Windows Explorer context menu is now available in the Project Tree and for right click within a file. This lets you access common Explorer commands to say Email a file to a colleague or Check In/Out files from your Source Code Control System.
See the release notes for more information on new features and for problems which have been addressed in this release.

9 May 2002
V4.01, Build 1.31 is now available from the Download Forum. This release includes the much anticipated Replace in Files, several important enhancements to the various Search functions, plus some interesting new features. In addition various bugs have been fixed and other updates incorporated. It is the longest gap we've had between releases since V4 came out, largely due to a misdirected implementation of Replace in Files, resulting in having to start over.
See the release notes for complete details.

18 February 2002
V4.01, Build 1.2 is now available from the Download Forum. This another milestone release which includes the ED C Extension Language Compiler and Source code. It also includes PHP language support, enhancements to API Help Lookup to work with MS HTML Help files, improved Brief and Multiedit emulations and various other enhancements and changes. See the release notes for complete details.

24 January 2002
V4.01, Build 1.1 is now available from the Download Forum. It includes API Help Lookup, the ability to execute ED Extension Language Programs, new ED Extension Language Programs, Right click Source Database lookup inside comments and strings and a range of bug fixes. Full release notes are available in the download forum and when you've downloaded. Enjoy.

22 December 2001
We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year, and would like to thank you all for your support, patience and assistance with ED for Windows Version 4. A special thanks goes to everyone who participated in the V4 Preview Release phase, and also those of you who are actively participating in our forums. We look forward to bringing you lots of great new ED releases in the year ahead, and beyond. Neville Franks, Author of ED for Windows.

20 December 2001
We've started doing some work on updating and improving our Web site. The home page now includes the ED Top 11 along with screen shots, so new visitors can quickly get a feel for what ED has to offer.

7 December 2001
V4.01, Build 1.0 is now available from the Download Forum. It includes enhanced comment alignment capabilities, the ability to comment out and uncomment selected text, plus smart indenting for Clipper/dBase/FoxPro, DataFlex/PowerFlex and Cobol, and auto-code completion for Clipper/dBase/FoxPro and HTML. Full release notes are available in the download forum and when you've downloaded. Enjoy.

30 November 2001
V4.01, Build 1.0 will be out in the first week of December and will include smart indenting for Clipper/dBase/FoxPro, DataFlex/PowerFlex and Cobol, and auto-code completion for Clipper/dBase/FoxPro and HTML, amongst other things.

22 November 2001
ED for Windows Version 4.01, Build 0.9 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. This release delivers improved performance, resolution of a problem with printing a selection, and a various other bug fixes. Full release notes can be viewed by clicking on the Description in the Download Forum or when you've downloaded. 

8 November 2001
ED for Windows Version 4.01, Build 0.7 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. This release addresses the problems with Printing in Version 4, and a various other bug fixes. Full release notes can be viewed by clicking on the Description in the Download Forum or when you've downloaded.

18 October 2001
ED for Windows Version 4.01, Build 0.6 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. This release fixes a Color Setup bug which started in Build 0.5, and includes several new features and bug fixes. Full release notes can be viewed by clicking on the Description in the Download Forum or when you've downloaded.

4 October 2001
ED for Windows Version 4.01, Build 0.5 has been released and is available from the Download Forum. This release includes new features such as Skeletons, Ascii Chart, String measure, Selection Fill, support for Fonts with International character sets and a broad range of bug fixes. Full release notes can be viewed by clicking on the Description in the Download Forum or when you've downloaded.

We are extending the V4 Free Subscription period to include this release, so if your V4 Free Subscription has expired please let us know and we'll send you a new license key which will let you install and use this release. Make sure you include your Name and ED Serial Number.

11 September 2001
Tim Townsend has set up his new Web site Tim Townsend Technologies which includes some great information and support code to help you do things like check the syntax of your Progress code from within ED. If you're a Progress developer make sure you check out Tim's site soon. And Tim, thanks for this great contribution.

1 September 2001
Some of our long established ED users have been asking us for a place where they can touch base with other ED users and help each other out. We've also been keen on this, but for various reasons we've been a little reticent. Well now that Version 4 is out we've bitten the bullet and added a fully fledged Forum system to our Web site. We hope you make good use of the forums and visit them often. If you've got any suggestions on how we can improve the forums please let us know. Maybe we need a forum for this!!

16 August 2001
ED V4.01 Build 0.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the Free Trial page. It fixes a number of issues, in particular a serious performance problem which was particularly evident on Windows 98 PCs and was exacerbated by some virus scanners. See the release notes in ED32ReleaseUpdate.txt  for further details on the changes in this release.

1 August 2001
We have just discovered that many of the links to the Free Trial page have been wrong for the past week. This embarrassing mistake has now been fixed. The USA & Canada Order Form has been updated for V4. 

29 July 2001
The V4.01 FAQ has been updated and new content has been added. Some small changes have been made to others Web pages as part of the V4 overhaul.

27 July 2001
We have had several reports of ED4W V4 running very slowly. Investigations so far indicate that this is caused by Norton Antivirus, and stopping NAV resolves the problem. Symantec have told us this can happen and they will only tell us how to prevent it from happening if we pay them, which we find totally unacceptable. Until we can resolve this, the only remedy is to disable NAV or use another Antivirus product. For further instructions see the FAQ

V4.01 Free Trial downloads are now available again and we have made a small start updating the site.

22 July 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4.01 has now been released. Needless to say this is a very big day for us, and the culmination of 3 long hard years of development. Once again I'd like to personally thank all of the loyal ED users who have helped us with testing over the past year and provided the usual great feedback to keep us on our toes at all times. 

We are in the process of updating the Web site to reflect the availability of V4 and this will take a little time so please be patient. 

If you have purchased either a Full V3.80 License or an Upgrade to Version 3.80 then you can get a V4 License for free. Our policy is that if you purchased V3.80 (either a new license or an upgrade) then you are entitled to V4 for free. On the other hand if a) You don't own a V3.80 license or b) You received V3.80 for free as part of a 12 month free subscription (ie. you purchased ED prior to 16 Mar 98) then you aren't entitled to V4 for free. Of course you can still purchase upgrades for old versions of ED.

If you are entitled to a Free V4 Upgrade then simply email with your Name, Serial Number and Date of purchase and we will email you back your license key. Where you have multiple licenses we need these details for each licensee. Due to the high number of license requests and differences in time zones it may take a day or two to get back to you.

If you have been using the V4 Preview Release you will need a license key to use releases from now on. While you are waiting for your new key you need to use the following temporary key otherwise the V4.01 Release will be Expired. This key will activate ED in Free Trial mode, which means everything operates as usual except printing, which is disabled.

Serial Number: EVALUATION
License Key: CNPQH-6WPND-3NABJ-6269W-B8YJN
Note: For the "Initials" field replace the default 'E' with your usual initials.
*** You need to restart ED after entering the license details ***

Download Version 4.01 now.

7 July 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4.00 will be shipping very soon now. For all of the people who've heard and read about the many great new capabilities in Version 4 you will soon be able to evaluate it for yourself with the first V4 Free Trial release ready for download around the middle of this month.

"I've been using Ed Version 4 for the last two days and its brilliant - we are really looking forward to the final release!" John Barratt, N J Froment and Company Limited

30 June 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 22.0 is now available. This release includes the bulk of the new licensing, registration and free trial system. License keys make it easier for both our users and ourselves, and ensure you can install the latest release as part of your free 12 month ED subscription. 

And if you're evaluating the Free Trial we can now simply send you a license key to turn it into a full version. This means no more separate downloads once you purchase your copy of ED.

"ED4W Version 4 is exactly what I needed to organize my large Java Servlet projects. The class view allows me to organize my files any way I want. I can find a class or method quickly and intuitively. With ED, I am constantly finding new features and ways to make my work more productive." Jin Ng, Windows By Design

12 June 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 21.0 is now available. The new Macro management system is in place, which simplifies
working with macros. Lines up to 4095 characters are now working properly. Compiler error tracking has been updated. There are new Toolbars, a major update to the Java keyword dictionary, and various important bug fixes. See the release notes for further details.

4 June 2001
As part of our endless search to help us be more productive (so we can spend more time working on ED) we've started using WinScheduler, by Pitrinec Software. For more information see our Recommended Tools page. We've got a few other new tools we are happily using, which we'll let you know about in due course. The next ED V4 Build will be out this week, which includes the new Macro management module.

25 May 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 20.5 is now available. This release sees the implementation of last big remaining piece of ED V4, Printing. We are nearing the end of the V4 preview release phase, with a first full release now in sight. We'd like to thank everyone for their help in resolving problems, and giving us much welcome feedback on what they like and their suggestions on how to make ED even better. Once the first release is out their is still a lot more we plan to do with ED V4, and I'm sure we'll all watch with interest as it grows and matures.

"I just downloaded the ED 4 preview and have spent the evening configuring it to my liking. It's like ED 3.8 on steroids, every existing function has improved!

#1 Love is the project concept! with the file list on the right!
#2 Love is the new toolbar combos.

I could go on forever, but I am sure you are hearing this from everyone." R. Hessey

3 May 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 20.1 is now available and includes Back/Forward commands to let you back track to where you've been, a new 'Extend Selection' option for Goto|Line, a thorough update to the Find/Replace functions to fix various problems, plus other bug fixes. 

26 April 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 20 is now available and includes Compiler Error Tracking, with a new simple scheme to add error tracking for compilers not supported out of the box, the ability to specify environment variables for Build Tools and some important bug fixes.

"I love the ease and versatility of the setup/control of the tool bars and compilation using external embedded C compilers. Two things that drove me crazy in version 3.80 have been improved, no longer a low limit to the number of files which can be opened and the new undo through the file saves." Mike Hilton, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

17 April 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 19.4 is now available. This releases delivers further enhancements to the Source Database Browser including Regular Expression lookup, plus enhancements to Smartype, and resolution of problems with multiline comments, opening files from Windows Explorer and more.

30 Mar 2001
ED for Windows, Version 4, Build 19 is now available. This is another V4 milestone release which includes the new Source Code and Class Browser. The source browser gives you a high level view of every class, function, procedure, struct, enum, #define etc, in your code. 

The Browser in conjunction with the Source Database Engine (SDB) let you navigate around large complex projects with ease and speed. You can synchronize the class view tree to where you are in the current source file, and you can Find all References to identifiers. You can right click on an identifier to instantly jump to its definition, and for C/C++ you can jump between declarations and definitions.

The SDB is built and maintained automatically and tracks all changes to your code as they're made. There is no SDB setup or configuration required. As soon as files are added to a project they are parsed and added to the SDB.

The Source Code Browser and Source Database Engine deliver yet another leap in programmer productivity.

"The latest version of ED is one of the best programmer's editors on the planet. With the new Class Browser and other great features I won't have to work with the buggy Microsoft IDE any more! Yeah!"  Russell Robinson, Root Software

11 Jan 2001
The Free Trial version of ED4W V3.80 has been updated and is now available for download. We have made great progress with the new Source Database Engine in ED V4 over the Christmas break and expect to have the next build available shortly. Thanks to everyone on the V4 Preview Release program for the excellent feedback you are providing. Your efforts will help ensure we deliver the product you are expecting. And a prosperous 2001 to everyone out there. 

20 December 2000
We've always received high praise for the quality of the documentation we deliver with ED. This considerable body of work has been produced by our technical writer of many years David Gardner. Just as ED4W Version 4 has started life anew so has the documentation for it. We've combined the separate User Guide (PDF) and Reference Guide (WinHelp), reorganized them and moved everything across to HTML Help. Everyone using the V4 Preview has seen the fruits of Dave's labour taking shape and they're telling us they like what they see. Not only is Dave a good  tech writer when he gets going, in order to achieve our goals for the V4 documentation he is developing a very impressive authoring product called ZED. You can now see weekly updates of a Web based version of the ED V4 Documentation at and you can find out what Dave is doing when he's not working on the ED Docs at 

"I think the V4 project concept is excellent. I especially like the way you can specify include file locations on a project-by-project basis. All the template expansion functionality for Progress development that v3.8 offered seems to be there (far more intuitive than the SlickEdit OCX licensed with Progress v9.1)."
Stephen Lee, Q Technology

7 December 2000
Build 17.3 is now available. This release enhances EDs C/C++ Source Browser to include classes and nested classes, function definitions and declarations, including functions inside classes and #defines. The HDL browser has also been updated to include processes and ignore "end .." statements.
Various problems with the Source Browser update and build threads have been fixed and a new option has been added to let you disable the browser should it be necessary. Project folder names no longer have to be unique and include file lookup now works for statements which include relative paths.

27 November 2000
Build 17.2 is now available. Function lookup and Source Database creation are now working. Source databases are built and kept synchronized with your code in real time using background threads. The source databases are now maintained as XML files, which opens up many interesting possibilities for the future. This is another milestone ED release.

"I'm pleased to let you know that I really enjoy using ED V4 also for Matlab ! The languages support tools are really neat and professional. I got ED originally for VHDL, but now I have all its great features in Matlab. I guess I will take ED with me to all environments and languages I will have to work with." 
Danny Gal, Hardware Group Leader, Cadent Ltd.

1 November 2000
Build 15 is now available. It adds Selection|Case Change, provides some more Command Line and DDE capabilities, incorporates the ability to check for new releases, includes a start on Macro Record and Playback and fixes a number of bugs, the most important being a problem which has been around since the end of September which caused various serious errors in EDs C Extension language programs.

24 October 2000
As promised the steady stream of releases continues unabated with today's release of Version 4, Build 14.
This release covers quite a bit of ground and has the longest set of release notes so far. Of most interest are the ability to use Command line options, the ability to drive ED from other applications using DDE, the first release of the almost complete Reference Guide, easier selection indenting, improved file synchronization with other applications, better performance in certain areas and a long list of bug fixes.

I really love the new version, the look, the feel, everything about it. 
Great job. Wayne Fuller.

12 October 2000
Comparing files for differences has always been a widely used capability of ED4W. With Version 4 we've enhanced Difference Analysis (DA) to make it easier than ever to see what's changed in files. Inserted, changed and deleted text is now shown with lines drawn around the text, lines are drawn to connect the changes in each file, files can be locked together for synchronized scrolling (which has also been improved) and character case can be ignored. Together with a new DA Toolbar and other new features you're sure to be impressed.

13 September 2000
V4 Preview Build 11 is now available and includes new user configurable Last Change Stamping, new code template operators and various bug fixes. Build 12 which will be out shortly includes Goto|Header/Source Swap, which lets you swap between a Source file and its Header file.

28 August 2000
The current V4 Preview is about to expire but don't panic we know you don't want to turn the clock back to V3.80. Build 9 will be out before the end of the month. A tool that's helped us a lot recently is Glowcode, so much so we've added it to our Recommended Tools page.

"I am a v3.80 customer and have installed v4.0 preview on my C: drive - it looks brilliant, well worth the wait." Brian Mayhew Visilynx 3 software team leader.

"Workspace window and projects are so useful. I'm getting dependant on them already. Great idea, well implemented." Peter Juliff, VetWare

14 August 2000
The Version 4 Preview release program is in full swing and going extremely well. We released on 24th July as promised and we are now at Build 6. The feedback we are getting is very encouraging indeed, and it looks like all of our efforts these past two plus years have built the new ED that you, our customers wanted

"I'm already sure I can't live without the project support. I can't tell you how many times I wished an editor would keep a named set of files available for easy open and close access. The new project support looks way better than that with all the workspace management features and so on.."  Rod Gaither, July 2000

12 July 2000
Some good news to report at last. Packaging of a Version 4 Preview release is finally underway. A limited distribution is scheduled for the week of the 24th of July. We've recently completed the brand new and much improved Find in Files. A welcome new feature is the ability to search across files in a Project along with any include folders which are specified. Find in Files like many parts of ED V4 is fully multithreaded, so you can keep on working while it goes about its business. In fact you can have a number of Find in Files all running at once without any performance impact on whatever you are doing. The ability to quickly find things and navigate around large complex projects has always been one of ED's strengths, and Version 4 promises to make this easier than ever before.

11 July 2000
An updated Version 3.80 Free Trial release is now available for download.

3 May 2000
We are currently ploughing ahead redeveloping ED's code browsing and lookup capabilities. The plan and desire is to simplify setup of the various browse components and we are well on our way to achieving that. At the same time we've added enhanced functionality. Windows 2000 testing is under way and we've resolved several tricky problems which have surfaced. Ensuring full compatibility across Win9x and NT platforms is of course a must. And Dave Gardner, our favourite Technical Writer is busy ripping apart all of our documentation. He's also promised to put it back together again, albeit heavily updated.

9 Feb 2000
Project support is now almost complete in Version 4. This includes the ability to open Microsoft Visual Studio Workspaces, Projects and Makefiles. ED's new Project capabilities deliver much sought after functionality and are an important step forward. We've also built-in a Windows Explorer Tree for quick access to files. This is all part of ED's tight integration with the Windows Shell. 

Our US and Canadian customers can now use Amex when purchasing on-line and through Karen in our US office.

19 Jan 2000
Another milestone reached with ED for Windows Version 4 with the completion of the new User Configurable Toolbar module. This provides much greater functionality than in previous releases and utilizes the latest user interface techniques.

An updated Free Trial version of ED is now available for download. If you have previously installed a free trial it must be completely deleted including all directories and the ed4w.ini file before installing this new release. See the Help file topic 'Free Trial' for further information.

10 Dec 1999
We've completed several more major components of ED for Windows Version 4 including a completely new Find and Replace system and a new File Open dialog. The next piece of the puzzle is our new Customizable Toolbar module which can execute multiple commands per button, utilize pop-up history lists and combo boxes, edit bitmaps using the built-in bitmap editor and create new toolbar buttons from scratch. Thanks for your emails of support and understanding.

20 Oct 1999
ED for Windows Version 4 information has been updated again on the Future Plans page. The scale of the rewrite has proved to be considerably larger than we anticipated. As each day passes we are getting closer to our goal of providing you with a completely new and much enhanced version of your favourite editor. I'm sure many of our fellow software developers have been in this situation and understand it all too well. We greatly appreciate your patience while we work feverishly to complete this project.

15 Jan 1999
You're seeing it for yourself - our long awaited new Web site is up and running. We've put a lot of effort into making our new site easy to use, and ensuring it delivers the depth and breadth of information our users expect. We're sure you'll find it a big improvment over our original site, but of course there is always room for improvement. Please have a good look around and let us know what you think.

15 Jan 1999
We are currently in the midst of a major 32bit rewrite of ED for Windows. See Future Plans for preliminary information.


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