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Soft As It Gets Site Links

Australian Sites

C++, MFC, .Net

  • Boost peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
  • C++ Annotations
  • C++ FAQ Lite  
  • C++ Templates - The Complete Guide. Recommended Reading.
  • A comprehensive collection of high quality free technical support for programmers. The best site around for MFC, C++ and .Net source code.
  • Modern C++ Design. Recommended Reading.
  • Prof-UIS (Professional User Interface Suite) is an MFC Extension Library which enables you to develop professional, rich user interfaces for your MFC applications.
  • SGI STL Programmer's Guide
  • The C++ Standard Library - A Tutorial and Reference. Recommended Reading.

Cobol Sites

  • COBOL User Groups (COBUG). Maintains references to COBOL user groups, compilers, code samples, COBOL jobs, and many other COBOL programming resources.New
  • Flexus COBOL Tools GUI, Printing, B2B and Browser Based Applications using 100% COBOL Source Code.
  • Cobol Access Plus. Fully transparent gateway between cobol applications and database technology

Developer Resources

Developer Tools and Libraries



Good people to know

  • GUI Computing Specialising in Windows Rapid Application Development and development for the Internet/Intranet..
  • QBS Software Your UK & Europe one stop shop for quality software tools.

Help Authoring Resources

Hardware and Software Reviews

  • ExtremeTech. Good up to date information on hardware, software, IT etc.

Internet Research Tools

  • Save Web page content and complete Web pages with Surfulater, your Internet Research Tool. New

Java Sites & Resources

  • Sun The Source for Java Technology
  • Gamelan. A source for Java applets and information
  • Java Boutique  Stay informed about the latest Java applets, industry news, and developer trends
  • Java World IDG's magazine for Java Developers

Matlab Resources

Perl & CGI Resources


  • Hotscripts Great collection of Scripts for PHP, Perl etc. 
  • PHP - the home of PHP. 
  • PHP Builder, for News, Articles, Tutorials on PHP 


  • POWERflex Corporation is the developer and manufacturer of PFXplus, the
    high-performance multi-user software product for application development.  


Scheduling Software

  • TTMaker - Clash-free scheduling software, TTMaker, from Root Software.

Software Measurement Tools

  • HierarchyMaster FFP a functional size measurement tool that will assist your organization to quantify the size of embedded & real-time software projects.

Software Sites



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