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ED for Windows Brochure - Highlights & Benefits

The fastest, most flexible way to slash development time

ED leads the way in intelligent language sensitive editing. ED is as easy to use as it is to spell. Up and running straight out of the box for the new user but highly configurable, ED fits the way you want to work.

For programmers, ED is the one-stop productivity tool that slashes coding time while placing all your tools just a mouse click away. ED powers up your development environment, without tying you to a particular language or platform.

From Assembler to VHDL and beyond, ED speaks your language; from colour syntax highlighting and code templates to advanced tools like file difference analysis and source code navigation & browsing, ED makes it easy to get the job done.

Saves you time

Repetitive tasks like global search & replace across files, and down subdirectories are a snap. Drag & drop text using the mouse. Right click to lookup functions, methods, classes etc. in other source files, open include files, do bracket matching or lookup keywords in Windows Help files.

Boosts Productivity

ED formats and writes code for you, with smart indenting, code templates and skeletons, autocorrection and smartype, code completion and auto-case conversion, so you'll produce legible, correct code quicker than ever before.

Reduce Errors

Colour syntax highlighting makes errors obvious, and dramatically reduces compile edit cycles. With support for 33 different languages no other editor comes close. And you can compile and correct errors without ever leaving ED.

Gives you control

ED takes intelligent language sensitive editing, then adds access to compilers, error tracking and your tools from inside the edit session. ED wraps them up into a development environment that does it your way. Use ED straight out of the box; use ED's flexible configuration options, or create your own custom enhancements using ED's fast C extension language - you are in control.

For more detailed information look at Product Features and the ED Top 11.


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