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ED for Windows Accolades

Here's a sample of the glowing comments we've received from book authors and ED for Windows customers from far and wide.

"I have nothing but good things to say about ED! It is definitely my editor of choice!

Thanks for the good work!"

Garret Schweitzer, Software Solutions, Inc.

"I can't say enough good things about ED. I am running about 10 projects at the moment, and the project management helps keep things discreet between projects - a real boon! Keep up the good work!"

Phil Ide

"ED4W Version 4 is exactly what I needed to organize my large Java Servlet projects. The class view allows me to organize my files any way I want. I can find a class or method quickly and intuitively. With ED, I am constantly finding new features and ways to make my work more productive."

Jin Ng, Windows By Design

"Thank you very much for producing a work which embodies a tremendous amount of thought for the way it will be used. You set the benchmark in this area by my accounting." 

Cal Kaschub

I think the V4 project concept is excellent. I especially like the way you can specify include file locations on a project-by-project basis. All the template expansion functionality for Progress development that v3.8 offered seems to be there (far more intuitive than the SlickEdit OCX licensed with Progress v9.1)."

Stephen Lee, Q Technology

"Firstly, I have to say that Version 4 is fantastic. If asked how V3.8 could be improved, I would have been hard pressed to think of more than a few trivial items but with V4, you have shown that you understand my needs better than I do. I can't wait to start using it every day." 

Steve Beaver, Research US, Inc

"I just downloaded the ED 4 preview and have spent the evening configuring it to my liking. It's like ED 3.8 on steroids, every existing function has improved!

#1 Love is the project concept! with the file list on the right!
#2 Love is the new toolbar combos.

I could go on forever, but I am sure you are hearing this from everyone."

Randy Hessey

"I'm pleased to let you know that I really enjoy using ED V4 also for Matlab ! The languages support tools are really neat and professional. I got ED originally for VHDL, but now I have all its great features in Matlab. I guess I will take ED with me to all environments and languages I will have to work with."

Danny Gal, Hardware Group Leader, Cadent Ltd. 

"Just wanted to say that the new Difference Analysis is really slick!" 

Dan Schweizer Systems Analyst/Programmer - Lead, 
Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

"Workspace window and projects are so useful. I'm getting dependant on them already. Great idea, well implemented." 

Peter Juliff, VetWare

I'm already sure I can't live without the project support. I can't tell you how many times I wished an editor would keep a named set of files available for easy open and close access. The new project support looks way better than that with all the workspace management features and so on.."

Rod Gaither

"I love ED!!! I just couldn't develop without it!!" 

Mary S. Martin, Golden Starr Software, Inc.

"Thank you for your swift response. Your service standards are a model that other companies should attempt to follow. Great product with excellent support. Thank you."

Ian Okey, Satamatics Limited

"I downloaded a beta of v4 last year, and had problems with it and couldn't use it. Over the weekend I decided to take another look, and already the new version has made a HUGE difference to my work. So congrats to Neville and everyone else who obviously worked hard to put this together (including your beta-testers)."

Phil Ide

Version 3.80 Accolades
"ED makes using Sun's (Java) tools extremely easy, and provides one of the most powerful source code editors on the planet."


"Upon searching the 'Net for the "Perfect Editor" I found ED. I could change the colours; execute compiles & runs with such ease; uniquely colour code every type of word that I can possibly imagine; intelligently edit Java code; and finally undo & redo a zillion times ... Some of the most important aspects of typing code ..."

Dave Jarvis, USA

"ED has advantages for developers who often switch between languages. It can be used with most popular programming languages and compilers, enabling the programmer to continue working in a familiar environment even when switching projects. The class hierarchy browser and skeletons help to provide reminders of the correct syntax and features of a particular language."


"Dear Neville, I didn't realize, that you are the author of ED. Let me express that the result of your work is simply brilliant. I've been with computers and editors for 20 years and recently tried to evaluate a lot of programmers editors from the fresh stuff, but ED is outstanding. I'm sure you worked very hard, and as an evaluator/user I can express that it was worth the hardwork. Thank you!"

Janos Horlai, Budapest, HUNGARY

"You know what? After an intensive use of CodeWright, MultiEdit and your ED4W (more than 2 years each) it's your EDitor which is the best one so far. All my dreams are reality now. Thank you Neville!"

Laurent Pierre, FRANCE

"ED for Windows is a revelation compared with the free editors I've been using and should help keep RSI at bay... I can't believe I've been programming this long and have never bought a serious editor."

Julian Smart, Scotland, U.K.

"The initial impression is really good, especially all the various text completion and automation mechanisms. In any case, I'm really curious why this editor hasn't the publicity of Codewright, Slickedit, etc. It beats them in many ways."

Michel Joly de Lotbinière, CANADA

"Thanks for your quick response and helpful comments. This editor is by far my best tool."

John Dracos, Rochester, NY, USA

"I have just purchased and installed ED and I am already very impressed with the extent of the productivity gains I have achieved."

John Petrie, Indooroopilly, Qld, AUSTRALIA

"On a closing note, the enhancements to the new version are fantastic, especially for Progress (my development language). I look forward to the next major release .... great product."



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