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Latest News

21 Feb 2007
ED V4.30.0.0 released. See What's New for more information.

5 May 2006
ED V4.20 , B0.0 released. See What's New for more information.

22 December 2005
Have a great Xmas and a safe and prosperous 2006.

5 August 2005
ED V4.12, B0.0 released. See What's New for more information

21 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.11 released. See What's New for more information

11 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.10 released. See What's New for more information

1 July 2005
ED V4.11, B0.0 released. See What's New for more information

17 June 2005
New ED release out soon. See What's New for more information

9 February 2005
ED V4.05, B0.0 released. See What's New for more information

21 December 2004
Xmas wishes to all. See What's New for more information

23 August 2004
ED V4.04, B2.0 released with Matlab support, and Progress, PL/SQL updates etc.. See What's New for more information

19 May 2004
ED V4.03, B1.10 released with C/C++, Progress and PL/SQL enhancements etc.. See What's New for more information.

17 March 2004
ED V4.03, B1.0 released with Progress enhancements etc.. See What's New for more information.

27 Feb 2004
Read about our new Web Server, new Forums and new Product Surfulater on the What's New page.

11 Nov 2003
ED V4.02, B2.22 released, and email address changes. See What's New for more information.

26 Sep 2003
ED V4.02, B2.21 released.

10 Sep 2003
ED V4.02, B2.20 released with enhanced code commenting, find, replace in selection etc. 

1 Sep 2003
See our What's New page re. the SoBigF virus.

30 Jul 2003
ED V4.02, B2.10 released. Greatly enhanced performance on slow file systems, auto-toggle of files from view to edit mode and more.

20 Jun 2003
ED V4.02, B1.90 released. Add entire directory trees to Projects, Source Database and DTB enhancements and more.

27 May 2003
ED V4.02, B1.80 released with Spell Checking, Difference merging and more.

11 Apr 2003
ED V4.02, B1.7 released with new "Do not ask again" message boxes, customizeable mouse buttons etc.

12 Feb 2003
ED V4.02, B1.6 with Ruler enhancements, Clipper code reformatting etc. See What's New for more information.

18 Dec 2002
ED V4.02, B1.5 is out just in time for Xmas. See What's New for more information.

18 Oct 2002
Version 4.02, Build 1.4 adds a Ruler with Markers which is great for checking column alignment plus some other enhancements and bug fixes.

3 Oct 2002
Version 4.02, Build 1.3 adds Source Database support for Basic, enhanced Assembler code browsing and more.

25 Sep 2002
Version 4.02, Build 1.2 adds Parameter Assistance tooltips, enhanced PL/SQL and Progress support, easier file selection in Difference Analysis, new Window Pane commands and  more.

19 July 2002
Version 4.01, Build 1.35 with updates to Replace in Files, custom date/time template capabilities etc. has been released.

1 July 2002
Version 4.01, Build 1.34 with new look XP Style Menus, new Programs by ED users, and various Undo problem fixes has been released.

6 June 2002
Version 4.01, Build 1.32 with Function Selection, plus new Project and Explorer capabilities has been released.

9 May 2002
Version 4.01, Build 1.31 with Replace in Files has been released.

Soft As It Gets, Software development tools Quality Software Tools ED for Windows the programmers editor
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ED for Windows - the programmers editor, an indispensable tool for great software development

ED for Windows, is an award winning, power packed, intelligent, language sensitive programmers editor and IDE. Whether you program in Assembler, C/C++,  Matlab, Progress, PHP, Ruby, VHDL, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Perl, SQL or one of the many other languages ED supports you'll quickly be impressed by its capabilities.

With a customer base conservatively estimated at over 41,000, ED for Windows delivers a breadth and depth of productivity features you're not likely to encounter elsewhere. Plus ED's focus on ease of use and configurability ensures you'll be up and running in no time. 

ED can help you to be more productive in so many ways. Review our Top 11 features list to get a quick feel for what ED offers, and then compare this with your current development environment and see what you're missing.

  1. A power packed User Interface, which is highly configurable to work with you, and not against you. This is backed by a fast text editing engine which lets you edit huge files with ease. Click for screen shot
  2. Strong Code automation capabilities let ED write code for you and fill in the blanks. And ED's Macros automate common repetitive tasks.Click for screen shot
  3. Broad Language support enables you to do all of your development in one consistent development environment.Click for screen shot
  4. Power Search and Replace, with full Regular Expression support, and fast multi-threaded modeless operation.Click for screen shot
  5. Unparalleled Source Code Navigation capabilities with ED's Source Code Database Engine.Click for screen shot
  6. Visually compare files for differences with ED's intuitive difference analysis engine.Click for screen shot
  7. Quickly access files by; grouping them together in  Projects, using ED's enhanced File Open dialog, its built-in Explorer like Files window, or the File history list.Click for screen shot
  8. Slice and dice text using Stream, Column or Line based text selections. Go beyond cut, copy and paste with fill, sort, indent/undent, convert case, find & replace, and drag and drop within or across windows and applications.Click for screen shot
  9. Run your Build Tools such as Compilers, Linkers, Make etc. directly from ED. Jump to errors and fix them on the spot.Click for screen shot
  10. See your documents on paper, not just on screen, and in color no less. Print headers, footers and line numbers and preview the printout before you commit.Click for screen shot
  11. What about support? We give you free unlimited technical support, free upgrades for 12 months, Forums where SAIG and your peers help each other, plus the most comprehensive on line help you could ask for. Click for screen shot

We hope this has whet your appetite to explore ED's full potential. There is a lot more to discover.

Read our Blog post Write Ruby code faster with ED for Windows to get a good overview of ED's core features.

Have a browse around the rest of our Web site and then try ED for yourself, on your terms with our 30 day free trial. Make sure you let us know what you think. Once you're satisfied ED is for you, you can purchase  online or through our resellers.


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Surfulater lets you save web pages, text snippets and images, as well as files, to your offline portable digital library.

Surfulater is an absolute must have for anyone that surfs the Word Wide Web.






















ED for Windows the programmers editor

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"The only comment I can possibly
have about ED and your company is WOW! The absolute best editor I
have ever used and you tech support is great. Keep up the good work."

Charles Trimble

"I have experimented with most of the features of ED's new Matlab support. So far I think it is really good and I have not found a single
little bug."

Per Isakson, Sweden

"I love ED!!! I just couldn't develop without it!!" 

Mary S. Martin, Golden Starr Software, Inc.

"Everyone must know about this great editor by now."

Glenn Rogers

"I have had a few days now to play with the automatic "end" insertion, I Love It!. I really like the fact that I am positioned on the line below the inserted "end" so I can just keep coding, its Great!

Nev, you never cease to amaze me!"

Randy Hessey, HessComp Consulting Inc.


"I've ... taken on a Java project, which has had 3 previous programmers (one after the other), over a 5 year period, with next-to-no documentation.

Your V4 Project Source tree and class view have been a godsend for finding my way around the layered logic in this historic work I've ventured into!" 

Steve Goschnick, IDEA Lab


"ED is programmer's editor of choice for people who are serious about their craft."

Keith Heinrich.


"Thank you very much for producing a work which embodies a tremendous amount of thought for the way it will be used. You set the benchmark in this area by my accounting." 

Cal Kaschub


"Just wanted to say that the new Difference Analysis is really slick!"

Dan Schweizer Systems Analyst/Programmer - Lead, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.


"Firstly, I have to say that version 4 is fantastic. If asked how v3.8 could be improved, I would have been hard pressed to think of more than a few trivial items but with v4, you have shown that you understand my needs better than I do. I can't wait to start using it every day." 

Steve Beaver, Research US, Inc


"ED has a long and rich development history, with a single, simple goal of delivering to our customers the best programmers editor we possibly can."

Neville Franks, Author of ED for Windows.

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